Yo! Olha!

I parachuted out of one life into this completely unknown other one a year ago, and landed on my snow white, gringo behind….no looking back now. 

I rolled to the nearest shade and to my delight it was under the bamboo at the exquisite Jardim Botanico, right in the middle of the city. Founded by Prince Regent Dom Joao two centuries ago, you still feel the vibe of the Portuguese royal family. What a dysfunctional bunch they were. Close to home!

“Why don’t you just write ‘GRINGO’ across your bald, pink, freckled forehead, Caspar?!”  After this year of shock and awe, I am getting with the program.  RNE, CPF, Work-card Signed, check. Full-time job in my area with benefits, check. Apartment in Zona Sul, check. Intrigue, check.


My efforts to master Portuguese have paid off.  




Thank you for reading my debut post!

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4 Responses to Yo! Olha!

  1. Anna says:

    Loooooove this!!!! I want to hear all about your gringo experiences in my terrinha….Mil beijos!!


  2. Millie says:

    You sound totally terrific!! Wish I was there to experience with you my friend….keep up your blog I like it and your spirit always.


  3. Jana says:

    Loved darling!!! I’m here in Rio, didn’t find you at my Facebook , want to see you!! LOL Jana


  4. watching ‘being john malkovich’ for the first time
    1) i love the part where everything is malkovich
    2) where has this movie been all my life


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