John Malkovich kills Rio..

Anyway, he showed up yesterday in Cinelandia at Theatro Municipal, a stone’s throw from my office. Tickets were $R2400 ($US1400) for the good seats. How do I know this on my teacher’s salary? Well, I have been an avid theater-goer for 35 years. That would be in NYC…Broadway: The Great White Way! The land of affordable tickets. Culture costs a lot in Rio. I researched and researched…cheap tiks in the nose-bleed section were a mere $R540 ($US320).

I saw Mr. Malkovich as a young actor, along with the Star, Dustin Hoffman, in “Death of a Salesman” on Broadway a hundred years ago as a young English teacher.  The point is: I SAW it on a teacher’s salary, and experienced a life-long memory.

“Being John Malkovich”   Payday! Even as a musical serial killer.

I believe as I sniff around the backstage of Theatro Municipal every day, between my classes, that I’ll witness genius in person again, aside from my own, of course. That good ticket cost more than a private, experienced, executive teacher makes in a month.

Culture is for the masses, not just the elite. So I went straight to the OccupyRio tents, also right outside my office. OY! As in OY, not Oi.

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One Response to John Malkovich kills Rio..

  1. Rachel says:

    I didn’t even know he was here! I’m so out of the cultural loop 😦


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