The Other

And along comes this: Peggy Dulaney Rockefeller during an interview for the Globo network in FLAWLESS Portuguese. She speaks about her 2-year experience in a favela in Zona Norte (North Zone) of Rio as a young woman of 19. Totally inspiring to me as I struggle with the issues in this post below a few days ago….talk about being the other.

It does not matter where I came from..I attempt, daily, with excellent language skills, to dominate. No matter what clothes I try on, which hat I try on…I am not of these. I am the other. Everyone reminds me…daily. Startling at times…especially when I feel I’m in “the RIO Zone, mostly South.”….but it turns out to be the “Gringo Zone”!!

So, I’ve bought a big ‘ole fat gringo Panama to shield myself from the sun, somewhat, as I stroll my various beach walks and downtown walking routes between “in-company” classes. Still between wardrobes, though, as summer comes searing in.

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