Identify, please.


I will, if you will…

So, Tuesday morning, just another weekday. Had the rare pleasure of the “in-company” teacher…my early a.m. student actually texted me 2 minutes before I stormed out the door with my office-to-go on my back to enter into the Belly of the “Big Oil” Beast.  She had to clean up some mess.  Oil spills are never far away now it appears…continuing my steep learning curve on the process and politics of oil production these past 8 months.

“Upstream…downstream.”  I just want to know where the fish will live, implores this most un-environmentally-oriented mainstream city dweller.

Anyway, caught my subway to work after leisurely coffee at home, what a treat!  Suddenly, like a gringa vision, I spotted my fave, irreverent Rio expat blogger, @RachelsRantings, on the other end of the car.  From her vlogs, it HAD to be HER.  The celeb gawker in me made a bee-line to the tall, blond geek, a definite rarity on the Rio Metro.  Native English poured out. Delicious. And she was so approachable… and adorable. Too bad it was only 2 stops.

Synchronicity, sweet.

I think I will continue expanding this fabulous new world…Rio, expat life, blogging, twitter. My affirmations are working. Instant manifestation ain’t far away now. 

And what fascinating stories my students do tell…oily, but intriguing.

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5 Responses to Identify, please.

  1. Simone says:

    “My affirmations are working. Instant manifestation ain’t far away now.” I do like the way you put feelings into words…you ‘vet got a way with them!!! Amazing things happen when we send out the right
    thought…it finds its match vibration link…even if it is only for two subway stations!!! Groupie!!!! 🙂


    • Kevin Fahey says:

      Just a Groupie from the old school!!! One of my favorite things in NYC was celeb sighting. I get all silly and gushy….saw many over the years..I’ve set new goals in Rio, now that I know who people are, and where Barra is…next step…cafe de manha on “Mais Voce” com Ana Maria Braga….and that adorable little guy, Louro.


  2. Silas valle says:

    I only get time for people I love, – you amid, – and for me myself, when I am non-existing in a no-where. So this is no me, – in an utopia. As I am not existing, of course, I am NOT writing to you, but resting no-where, like in Naples, Fl, a no space place and timelessness(???), dreaming. Yes, around no-here, we only dream…
    I like the things you say and the way you say… It pleases me.
    I promiss myself that I will be non-existing more frequently, so I’ll have time for you, for the woman I love: – and my forever Raquel and Nathalia, – the two women of my entire (short) life, – after my adored mother, of course!
    I say good bye to you now; let me leave this and go back dreaming in my non-existence.
    Nothing more to be said.
    Silas Valle


  3. Kevin Fahey says:

    Your NO-Where and EVERY-where has always brought me great pleasure. And your girls and BOY, Jonny, too! Que Delicia, Cara! Um Beijo BEM Carioquinha.


  4. silas valle says:

    I read you’re reading Laurentino Gomes… he was our neighbor in the same building, at Rua Piaui; his ex-wife, Mara, stil lives there. They were a great couple, she helped a lot with his first book, 1808! They are good friends of ours. Now, I tell you… you should stop reading 1822 and start 1808! Both are good, but the first one is… the beginning of it all, (his career and Brazil’s existence, as a Country!)…
    Thanks for the words (my girls and Jonny; – b d way, – Jonny is living with his girl friend, a wonderful French girl, Pauline. We all love her… from the beginning. She got a (regular) job here at a french company and so…)… We miss you; our house in Campos, (at the top of the mountain), is all ready, come ad stay with us 4 a w/e, (bring a friend).
    Silas and Raquel Valle


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