Washing away the past...naturally.

After 33 years of avoiding Times Square, I have realized a dream…New Year’s Eve on Copacabana, which was voted the best party in the world.  It was.  Calm, peaceful, quiet…amongst 2,000,000 rain-soaked revelers. The most amazing thing was the morning after…completely clean.  370 tons of soaking-wet, ankle-deep garbage…disappeared.
I love living near the water.  I love living in the water.  It feels like it hasn’t stopped raining for the past 359 days.  I have made peace with these raindrops. 
The sun appeared today. Like a vision. Cool morning, clear skies.
Happy New Year!
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2 Responses to Water…water…Everywhere!

  1. May all this water bring you more peace and love, Kev. I am so happy for you – living a dream in Rio de Janeiro.


  2. Simone says:

    I am glad to know you had a calm and peaceful new year beginning in Rio. I am used to telling some friends it is really, a very nice party, but some people insist it is not! I do believe that in order to see it and feel it the way you did, you need to be in peace with yourself first, exactly the way you are now. May this calm and peace spread all over town and among the ones near you! I wish you more wishes in 2012!!


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