Anonymously Public.

This anonymity won’t last…I mentioned this weekend that the most fascinating thing about being a refugee, not an ex-pat, not an immigrant, in chaotic Rio is that I have no past….no future….just this present moment.  A state I have only imagined in all of my affirmations, all of my studies, all of my travels.  During lunch today I went in a different direction, chose a different route and BAM! right there on the marquee a couple of doors down from my office in that other direction was this:

Do we really HAVE to?

We Have to Talk about Kevin.  Hmmmm.

Have heard about this movie…all I know is that he is a weird kid….and did something bad.  Okay, I challenge myself to uncover just what he did that was so bad that they made a movie about him with his name in the title and stepped, unannounced, into my life….in Portuguese!  As I always say: “Hell-nohhhhh. This is MY movie. Step Off!”  My movie promises to be more interesting….and loving.  Fofinho.

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One Response to Anonymously Public.

  1. silas valle says:

    Uaháhahahahahahaá! Yes, we do! We GOTTA talk to Kevin!
    Man, I love to see somebody in love, & you are!
    It’s been 30 years I don’t go to Rio. Now, as soon as you become a real Carioca, let me know, and I’ll spend a weekend in Rio, since you can show me part (best) of it. (Have you ever seen any old magazin of Zé Carioca, an old Walt Disney’s cartoon? You can find it in the SEBOS of Rio. (There are some sebos that only sell old magazins. Get one, and you’ll be able to compare the spririt of the Carioca of the 70thies and todays’s).
    Bee good!
    Silas Valle


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