Back from Staycation…

The year has whizzed by….

I have returned to work, with a promotion, after my first Brazilian vacation.  I stayed in Rio to continue my discovery.  I don’t remember the last time I had this much time off… I believe it was when I was a student. Brazilians work…really hard. But, then they get these long, lazy, lovely vacations.

I took my own advice that I so easily offer to my students and jumped into my second language, headfirst and “in context”. I even went on a walking tour of Downtown (Centro) Colonial Rio, where I walk daily from class to class, with a professor/historian conducted in Portuguese. Not bad…I understood 80%! I continue my fascination with Brazil’s history…rich and complex.  My reading skills have improved tremendously. Am now reading 1822 by Laurentino Gomes on my Kindle! (Portuguese edition, if you please) Fire up the translator…

Autumn has arrived. Back to work! Back to school!

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4 Responses to Back from Staycation…

  1. I am so glad you had so much fun during your discovering vacation…Uma visita guiada pelo centro e ainda lendo 1822!! Você já é um carioca da gema! 🙂


    • Kevin Fahey says:

      Thank you so much, Lost Sambista! Checked out yours and it´s cool, too. I am trying to do something a little different with my blog and glad you picked up on that….


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