Not REALLY ever lost…

The Glass Labyrinth in Cinelandia: Other Ideas for Rio

This is the glass labyrinth by the American artist, Robert Morris, which is part of the 2nd annual ArtRio (and the RiO anagram: Other ideas for Rio) project opening this week.  I work in the yellow building to the left and can look down on all the people walking through.  You actually do get lost in the glass.  But like life, you are never really lost – even when it feels like there is no way out.

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One Response to Not REALLY ever lost…

  1. DMPearl says:

    Dear Kevin, I was very happy to receive your message-Sounds as if you are still plugging away– keeping your perspective- We do remember this spot where you so graciously hosted us and can recall the building where you work. We thought about you on August 9th -but didn’t get to send you a message so please accept our greetings for a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY and our wishers that next year will bring you only good and happy things. Do keep in touch– We wish you the best- Harvey and Dotty.


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