Getting Real

Looking Into My Dreams (Awilda), by Spanish artist Jaume Plansa

Looking Into My Dreams (Awilda), by Spanish artist Jaume Plansa

I came to Brazil as a high-school exchange student in 1975 and returned regularly for 35 years.  In between, I married a Brazilian and we lived for 20 years in NYC.  In October, 2010 we pulled up stakes and “came home” to the  interior of São Paulo.  Less than 3 months into this transformational process, my 21-year marriage ended, unexpectedly.

I jumped onto the Midnight Holiday bus to see Cristo up on that hill, beckoning to me after 22 years…a day became a week, weeks became months…now a full, reinvented life.  He watches over me at the most unexpected angles, continually prodding with those outstretched arms.

I have always prided myself on my mastery of Portuguese.  Now a legal, permanent Brazilian resident, I run my own business, Carioca Communications, in downtown Rio.

Holding a Master’s in Education, TESOL, (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Fordham University, and a B.F.A, in Theater from NYU,  I coach professionals from diverse industries to hone their English language skills.

You can see my professional profile on LinkedIn.

Rio has taught me more in six years than all my years of schooling and living in the United States.

Transparency and authenticity, not just words and concepts anymore…

I continue learning to get real, be real, and to create my own reality.

Now, take a look into my dreams…


2 Responses to Getting Real

  1. Jana says:

    Miss you.. Happy Holidays!!!!


  2. Josh says:

    Hey Kevin,
    I’d love to get a quick quote from you for the launch of my new blog If you have a minute, I’ll need this by December 10th. I’ll include a link to your site and your smiling photo if you have one.

    What is your favourite thing about Brazil?

    Feel free to share whatever you would like, and try not to be much more than 2 paragraphs.
    Cheers and thanks, hope you’re doing well.


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