Anonymously Public.

This anonymity won’t last…I mentioned this weekend that the most fascinating thing about being a refugee, not an ex-pat, not an immigrant, in chaotic Rio is that I have no past….no future….just this present moment.  A state I have only imagined in all of my affirmations, all of my studies, all of my travels.  During lunch today I went in a different direction, chose a different route and BAM! right there on the marquee a couple of doors down from my office in that other direction was this:

Do we really HAVE to?

We Have to Talk about Kevin.  Hmmmm.

Have heard about this movie…all I know is that he is a weird kid….and did something bad.  Okay, I challenge myself to uncover just what he did that was so bad that they made a movie about him with his name in the title and stepped, unannounced, into my life….in Portuguese!  As I always say: “Hell-nohhhhh. This is MY movie. Step Off!”  My movie promises to be more interesting….and loving.  Fofinho.

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Another Chance.

You get a few chances..and then you grow up and start taking risks, getting honest and creating the new reality.

I am so present.  I can finally answer Mary Oliver’s question as challenged in my coach’s voice:

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do

With your one wild and precious life?”

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Sad Day in Rio…

Looking at the disaster area from outside my school in Cinelandia

I am so happy to have come to Rio.  I am committed to continuing my now one-year plus discovery of Rio Centro.
I spend my 12-hour days in a 5-block radius of the exquisite Theatro Municipal, teaching in many of the downtown office towers, just today 4 of them.  But everything changed on this Thursday.  There are 3 fewer buildings along my route.   I take my coffee and salgadinho break on this one short block, 13 de Maio, and know it well.  This all brought back memories of NYC 10 years ago. NYC survived and is rebuilding.
Rio will, too.
Let’s pray for what’s in that pile.  Stories of life, death, and survival.  Against all odds. 
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Warhol drops in for a cuppa Tomato Soup…Unannounced!

I saw Andy Warhol once…in a theater on Broadway during Intermission (WOW+!!!) I grew up with his prints of THE can, and the Liz Taylor series. Maybe he was onto something…Imagine my shock and awe (shock of order in Rio!) when I spotted this sight on a low shelf in my funky, little supermarket in Catete!!  Way to go, Rio! $R9.95 ($US5.52) for a can ‘o crap.  Must be tourist season!  Tomato soup still grosses me…don’t even get me started on cream of mushroom….

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Washing away the past...naturally.

After 33 years of avoiding Times Square, I have realized a dream…New Year’s Eve on Copacabana, which was voted the best party in the world.  It was.  Calm, peaceful, quiet…amongst 2,000,000 rain-soaked revelers. The most amazing thing was the morning after…completely clean.  370 tons of soaking-wet, ankle-deep garbage…disappeared.
I love living near the water.  I love living in the water.  It feels like it hasn’t stopped raining for the past 359 days.  I have made peace with these raindrops. 
The sun appeared today. Like a vision. Cool morning, clear skies.
Happy New Year!
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Let’s Start at the Very Beginning…


Posto One: Where it all begins....


I learned to count…starting with 1.

Absolutely nothing has changed. Thank you, Copacabana, for reinforcing these lessons.

One day soon, I’ll get to 2.

I’ll see you in 2 days with 2,000,000 of our closest friends….

WAIT! WOW! That’s a lot more 0 0 0 0 0 ‘s than you said in class….am I ready for that many?!

we all win.

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Beauty and the Beast

the city of manifest paradox…

In this photo you can see my brain exposed…

The Beast: the building in the background left…on many top 10 lists of Ugly Buildings…and where I spend quality time. (My jury is still out about it’s architectural merits…)

The Beauty: the urban art project in the foreground…in the Square where I commute from one beast to the other several times a day….interviewed the guys who created it over a period of 2 weeks…(My jury declares: Thumbs Up!)

….and then there is the December sun, palm trees, and HEAT!

Who drilled these wells and just what are they extracting……

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Identify, please.


I will, if you will…

So, Tuesday morning, just another weekday. Had the rare pleasure of the “in-company” teacher…my early a.m. student actually texted me 2 minutes before I stormed out the door with my office-to-go on my back to enter into the Belly of the “Big Oil” Beast.  She had to clean up some mess.  Oil spills are never far away now it appears…continuing my steep learning curve on the process and politics of oil production these past 8 months.

“Upstream…downstream.”  I just want to know where the fish will live, implores this most un-environmentally-oriented mainstream city dweller.

Anyway, caught my subway to work after leisurely coffee at home, what a treat!  Suddenly, like a gringa vision, I spotted my fave, irreverent Rio expat blogger, @RachelsRantings, on the other end of the car.  From her vlogs, it HAD to be HER.  The celeb gawker in me made a bee-line to the tall, blond geek, a definite rarity on the Rio Metro.  Native English poured out. Delicious. And she was so approachable… and adorable. Too bad it was only 2 stops.

Synchronicity, sweet.

I think I will continue expanding this fabulous new world…Rio, expat life, blogging, twitter. My affirmations are working. Instant manifestation ain’t far away now. 

And what fascinating stories my students do tell…oily, but intriguing.

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Giving thanks, in Copacabana…

Go on, go for it!

No matter what, there will undoubtedly be another wall…conquer one, another appears. I saw these window washers on Copacabana, shining every window. At first glance, I thought they were climbing up….not rappeling down.  Hmm, that’s fitting.  I reach a goal, and then I face a new wall .  Climb, Rappel, Wash those windows, See it as it really is.  Go on, give Thanks, look up to those who Inspire…find your strength….it’s not that far away…the goal is just above, or is it below the peripheral view. I have found my safety harness.

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The NEW 12 Commandments

according to                                          “Clearing the Roadblocks to Creative Leadership”                                                                Don’t diss this… read it and weep…with joy.

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