I turned the corner, and Behold!



Ethnicities          Eduardo Kobra

Tomorrow. Americans go to the polls.

I have seriously examined my part in this: what is my opinion worth?, does it matter?, what’s the use?  Do we really need one more opinion on this already beaten-to-death circus?

Damn straight we do!

6 years of living, and working, and growing a business in a foreign country has convinced me that my opinion matters.

I am continually asked: “WHAT is a gringo like YOU doing in a country like THIS?”

Damn good question!

My latest response: “I needed to learn humility.”

In July, when I saw this awe-inspiring mural for the first time, now in the Guiness Book of Records as the largest in the world, I was on my way to Olympic volunteer duty.  I was literally stopped in my tracks as I watched the solitary Kobra on an early Saturday morning putting the final touches on his masterpiece of the five indigenous faces. I mangaged to quietly get his attention for a second for this photo. Not another soul around.


I was truly humbled. My self-importance evaporated on the spot, once again.

Red, White and Blue….or Green and Yellow…..our planet is full of a diversity that staggers the mind….politics is the least of our problems.

Do like Kobra. Go out and create anything that affirms ” We Are One!”

Politicians come and go. We, the People, remain.

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6 Responses to I turned the corner, and Behold!

  1. Congratulations on your webpage. It is interesting, creative and profound. It shows sensitivity and a superb choice of words and thoughts. It is awesome


  2. Carol Fahey says:

    Go Kevin! Keep reminding me to check your site. You are spot on!



  3. jeronimo says:

    Congratulations for your page


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